For Increasing Your Extended Service Plan

A Great Value in the Service Contract Industry


High Cost, Limited Number of Plans, Limited Coverage Term, and No Loaners

A Lincoln Protect Extended Service Plan:

Lowest Cost Per Year of Coverage (After warranty period), Plans Tailored to the Customer's Needs, Lincoln-authorized Parts, and No Surprises.

Remember: A vehicle is the second largest purchase most customers will ever make! Why not insure that investment with the "Peace-of-Mind" coverage that a Lincoln Protect Extended Service Plan can offer?

Vehicles with 20,000 parts that are 99.99% trouble-free could still need two repairs.

A variety of Lincoln Protect Extended Service Plan options are available.

The cost of a couple repairs could very likely be more than the cost of your Lincoln Protect Extended Service Plan.

10 Things Every Customer Should Know About The Lincoln Protect Extended Service Plan

  1. 100% Backed by Lincoln - The Lincoln Protect Extended Service Plan is 100% backed by The Lincoln Motor Company.
  2. Dealer Support Across the U.S., Canada and Mexico - Service provided at authorized Ford and Lincoln dealerships in the U.S., Canada and Mexico.
  3. Lincoln Parts and Service - Repairs are made with Lincoln-authorized parts by factory-trained and certified technicians.
  4. No Out-of-Pocket Expenses - Other than the applicable deductible, there are no out-of-pocket expenses for covered repairs.
  5. Variety of Payment Options Available - A choice of payment methods. Customers may use the Installment Payment Plan; combine with vehicle financing; or pay with cash, check or credit card.
  6. Provides Non-Stop Coverage - Combined with the manufacturer's warranty, provides customers with continuous, uninterrupted coverage.
  7. Coverage is 100% Transferable - Transferable and may increase the resale value of the vehicle. Transfer fee and restrictions apply.
  8. 24-Hour Roadside Assistance Available - Provides a toll-free hotline for roadside assistance 24 hours a day to meet the needs a customer may experience on the road.
  9. No Unexpected Expenses or Surprises - Provides clear and comprehensive coverage and takes the risk out of vehicle ownership.
  10. More Than 35 Million Contracts Sold - A proven winner and a leader in the industry in extended service plans. There have been more than 35 million satisfied customers since 1976.

Lincoln Protect Extended Service Plan Is Your Best Vehicle Option for Consumer Protection

Investment Required for the Right Equipment

Independent repair shops can't invest more than $300,000 in the required tools and equipment to service Lincoln vehicles - let alone all the other brands they service.

Examples include: Integrated diagnostic system - $10,000; Tire balancer - $10,800; Hunter alignment system - $14,800; Transmission fluid exchanger - $4,700; Pro-cut lathe - $9,800.

Fixing it Right
the First Time

Do you really want your vehicle towed to the dealership with its parts in the trunk after an independent garage discovers it can't handle the repair?

Dealership technicians attend more than one million hours of technical training annually. The average Ford and Lincoln dealership invests more than 250 hours (31 days) in technician training each year. Gas Engine Electrical Control and Performance Certification - 180 hours. Lincoln Senior Master Technicians complete more than 500 hours of Lincoln-specific training.

Protecting You
from Inflation

Vehicle repair prices will rise in the future ... but by how much? Rising costs, taxes and other expenses always get passed on to the consumer:

Steel prices affect the cost of steel parts (alternators, engine blocks, cylinder heads), Oil prices affect plastic composite components (intake manifolds, valve covers, wiring), Copper and aluminum prices affect modules, wiring, engine and small motor parts.

Understanding Advanced Technology

Did you know that there is more technology in your vehicle today than what was sent to the moon in Apollo 11?

Powertrain control module, Transmission control module, Climate-controlled seat module, Occupant-clarification sensor, Restraint control module, Reverse sensing system, SYNC® voice-activated technology, MyLincoln Touch™, Vehicle security module, Anti-lock brake module, Driver's seat module.

Anticipate the Unexpected

WearCare® waives up to $10,000 in wear and use.*

Normal Wear & UseExcess Wear & Use
DENTSUp to three incidents per panel 4" or lessFour or more scratches or dents less than 4"
One scratch or dent greater than 4"

GLASSUp to three scratches 4" or lessFour or more scratches
One scratch greater than 4"
All chips and cracks are chargeable

WHEELS & TIRESWheels: scratches or gouges 6" or less
Tires: no sidewall damage or plugs
Wheels: Scratches or gouges greater than 6"
Tires: any sidewall damage or plugs

BUMPERDents 4" or lessDents greater than 4"

*See your WearCare addendum for exclusions and complete terms and conditions. Always read all documents before purchasing.
**Wear and use subject to terms of lease.

Some things you can predict. Others you cannot.

How WearCare® can work for you.

Lincoln MKZ at lease-end*

Excess wear and use**

Rear BumperDents$870.36
Left Rear DoorDents$468.80
Rear SeatStains$150.00

Without WearCare, your expense is $1,489.16.

With WearCare, your expense is $0.

At lease-end, your vehicle is inspected to identify any excess wear and use.

Exclusions: WearCare is designed to meet your needs; however, there are someprogram limitations, including:

  • Excess mileage charges
  • Missing parts costing more than $300
  • Damage caused by seizure, confiscation, racing, criminal acts, war, radiation,mechanical or electrical breakdowns, improper repairs and alterations
  • Damage from use in certain commercial activities, including delivery, taxi,emergency vehicle, rental, construction and landscaping
Note: Damage covered by other products, such as insurance, service contracts,warranties and guarantees, will generally not be waived. Summary only. Always readand understand the details and terms of your WearCare contract.

*Excess mileage charges excluded.
**Descriptions and costs shown are for illustration purposes only.